Claire Wilkerson

Oboe, Piano, Clarinet

Claire Wilkerson teaches piano, oboe, and clarinet.

She grew up in Atlanta in a house filled with music- her mother taught piano, her father played clarinet and her sister became an accomplished pianist.  Music was part of her life from the beginning.

In elementary school she was part of the East Atlanta Elementary band- a band that went to music educators conferences in Chicago and Pittsburgh demonstrating what could be done with an elementary band.  She started out on clarinet, then played English horn, and then was able to play what she wanted to play in the first place: the oboe.

She studied piano through her childhood and in high school was the accompanist for the choir.  She has accompanied for various instrumental, choral,  and vocal performers in the years since.

In high school she studied with Joseph Robinson, then principal oboe of the Atlanta Symphony, who later became principal oboe of the New York Philharmonic.   Also in high school she received a full scholarship to the Brevard Summer Music Festival where she sat principal, even though she was still in high school.

Since then she has continued playing oboe and accompanying singers, instrumentalists and choirs.

She has a BA in oboe from the University of Akron, and a Piano Pedagogy certificate, also from the University of Akron.

Her standard rate is $15 per half-hour.

330 794 9904