Music House

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For a wide variety of music lessons you’ve come to the right place.

We are the Wilkersons: Lee, Claire and Glenn, and we teach music at our house in Ellet.  Claire teaches piano, oboe and clarinet, Lee teaches guitar, French horn, trumpet, and theory, and Glenn teaches violin and viola.

We work with students of all ages, and are not afraid to work with children who have learning disabilities.

People sometimes want to know what age children can start.  If you have a piano in the house and the child is always trying to pick out melodies and play songs, it does not matter what his age is: he is ready.  With wind instruments the third or fourth grade is usually good.  Violinists start quite early.  Guitar usually needs around fifth grade unless the child is already trying to do things on it.

Piano students are using keyboards more and more, and that is fine, though nothing takes the place of a true piano.